The House is Empty

The house is empty. No more toddler giggles, squeals and babbles. As children grow up, that very naturally and gradually ends with voices changing octaves and sentences becoming complete—our home’s quietness is not like that. No, this was abrupt. One day happy sounds in abundance, the next day they’re gone. And it hurts.  “Look! Look!”… Continue reading The House is Empty

September Wildfires

We are halfway through September and only now have run into the annual problem with wildfire smoke. As I write that, I am very grateful that here in my area, I don’t have to write that we are evacuating. As every year we watch communities not too far down the highway evacuate, it is a… Continue reading September Wildfires

A Teacher’s Fantasy

As a teacher, I want all my students to enjoy reading and get along in school more easily because of that. And I want all my students to go home to a warm and loving family. That was one reason I wanted to foster—because then, that child in my room who did not have this,… Continue reading A Teacher’s Fantasy


A rock. A strip of leather. And yet, a serious weapon. The slingshot was a common ancient weapon, found even in Egyptian king Tutankhamen’s tomb. It was used all through the world except in Australia (where the spear was more common). Slingers and their weapons have been mentioned by Homer, Xenophon and Thucydides and the… Continue reading Slinging

A Teacher’s Top Ten Things to Do During Quarantine…a story of 2020

#10 Scoff at the dire predictions, cancelations of events, and the mask debate while I get to stay home anyway because it’s spring break. Put toilet paper and Lysol wipes on the shopping list even though I already have enough. Get caught up in the mass hysteria of food hoarding—but too late to buy anything… Continue reading A Teacher’s Top Ten Things to Do During Quarantine…a story of 2020