World Ampersand Day, September 8

“Ampersand” is the name of the symbol we use on the keyboard that means “and.” I’ve seen plenty of silly “national days” and “world days,” and this one competes for the silliest. But apparently, according to, ampersands have been in use since the first century AD. There was even one found in the graffiti of Pompeii.

Strange shortcut symbol day or not, World Ampersand Day can help us remember where our strength and wisdom come from.

That little word “and” is important to the Christian & certainly to the Christian foster parent–we can do this work only with God. It is “Us parents AND God” who will foster these children. Our obedience & God’s leading. Our weakness & His strength. Our acknowledging Him & leaning on Him.

Our mission for Him AND His equipping of us.

People often interpret First Corinthians 10 by thinking that God won’t give me more than what I can handle. Au contraire—God will give me more than I can handle by myself. He wants us to reach out to Him. Being dependent on Him is a blessing.

And that is what it takes when we parent the children in our homes.

Father, as we are active in this mission of fostering, adopting, and parenting in general, we thank you that you are beside us & we can lean on You. Amen.

Isaiah 43:2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you… (EIV)

Image by Sookyung An from Pixabay