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“How can I find the strength to foster and to make wise decisions?”

“This is so hard—why am I doing this to myself and my family?”

“Have others been in a similar fostering situation as I am in?”

This book will address those questions and frustrations you are feeling in the only way that offers real help—through clinging to God.

Foster parenting is a calling that we do for God and through Him—it takes God’s wisdom and strength. You might already be an expert parent, even a mentor in your church for other parents. But when you step out of your comfort zone into the world of foster parenting, you are faced with unique needs and difficulties. The authors in this book come alongside you to offer their support. They have been through these special needs in their own fostering. They have been on their knees in anguished prayer. Let them guide you through your fostering issues with prayers straight from their groaning hearts, scriptures they have clung to, and stories from their experiences. As a devotional, it is not meant to be read straight through as a chapter a day. Instead, whatever you are going through with your foster child, dwell in that chapter. Read that scripture and pray that prayer over and over and settle into God’s wisdom and strength. This devotional will help you to be…

Ø  Encouraged to depend on God’s wisdom and strength

Ø  Reminded that your efforts are to gain souls for God’s kingdom.

Ø  Emboldened to continue God’s work through fostering.

So bring your questions and frustrations, and let this book help you cling to the strength and wisdom of God in your fostering experiences.

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Meet Jacob, a troubled youth and a trouble-maker in ancient Israel.  He thinks he knows what he wants from life, but bitterness towards his father gets in his way.  Plus, it doesn’t help that he’s always being compared to Jesse’s perfect son, David.  Travel Jacob’s journey with him as he discovers that despite obstacles and tragedies, there can be contentment and purpose in growing closer to the God who created him.

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