September Wildfires

We are halfway through September and only now have run into the annual problem with wildfire smoke. As I write that, I am very grateful that here in my area, I don’t have to write that we are evacuating.

As every year we watch communities not too far down the highway evacuate, it is a good reminder of what we truly cherish. We have the recommended bag of important papers ready to grab, but what else would I be stuffing into my car?

I think my car would be too full of photo books and the kids’ artwork to put anything of much practicality in. Also, my mom’s and grandma’s afghans and quilts, my great-grandma’s cut glass pieces, and our Precious Moments wedding cake topper would get spots.

And these days, in would go the baby stroller and bags of baby clothes and books. I’m not sure I would pack many baby toys–our fourteen-month-old has such strange favorite things to play with and they sure aren’t store-bought toys.

But as I sat down to write this, I was also monitoring our school district’s website to see if school was canceled because of hazardous smoke levels. It’s not canceled today, but we’ll tune in tomorrow.