We are halfway through September and only now have run into the annual problem with wildfire smoke. As I write that, I am very grateful that here in my area, I don’t have to write that we are evacuating. As every year we watch communities not too far down the highway evacuate, it is a…

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A Teacher’s Fantasy

I think one fantasy that a teacher dreams about is taking home that neglected, under-achieving child in our class. We could love on him and nurture him, feed him and tutor him[…]

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A Sense of History For The Future

Having a sense of the past is essential. How do we develop a knowledge of the history of our world, our country, and our family? Why would we want to? I’m going to start by encouraging you to think about the why. If you’ve been someone who during school groaned when the teacher said it’s…

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A rock. A strip of leather. And yet, a serious weapon. The slingshot was a common ancient weapon, found even in Egyptian king Tutankhamen’s tomb. It was used all through the world except in Australia (where the spear was more common). Slingers and their weapons have been mentioned by Homer, Xenophon and Thucydides and the…

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