Potential or Rerouted?

As this new year begins, our crib is full. But not with a child. It is full of decisions to be made.

In this picture, you see the result of us agonizingly emptying the rest of the house of fostering “tools”—the high chair, the car seat, stuffed animals, the changing pad—stuffed into the crib in the foster child room.

The items could be just sitting there waiting for the next child—potential.


The items could be just sitting there while we close the door on that part of our lives—rerouted.

If you read my previous blog post, you know that we are not using these tools right now because our last little tyke—aged 16 months—went to live with her future adoptive mother. We miss her terribly. It still hurts deeply.

But we have other responsibilities, other missions. In this coming year, will we say yes to another child? This blog is short, because we are not yet making the decision about whether those items placed painfully in the back room represent future potential or represent a new route.